18th of April 2012


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One of the greats: Dick Clark, passed from this world today. Thank you for all you gave the world Mr. Clark!


Today is a good day.

13th of April 2012

I know it’s asking alot. But if you can even donate $1 you can help make fantasy a reality! http://ping.fm/fKice

10th of April 2012

If you were playing a fantasy game and could play any race (preexisting or of your own creation) what would it be, and why?

22nd of March 2012

The Bloody Stump Fundraiser!

26th of January 2011


The rusted super-structure of the city lays still. The abandoned skeleton of a once glorious engine. Jagged cracks flow through the city like empty veins. Plants spilling forth as nature tries to reclaim what was once it’s place centuries ago. Statues and plaques of long forgotten heroes slowly disappear underneath a cover of moss and lichen. As we turn towards this once bustling hub for a welcoming, we are met only with a cold and silent wind, channeled down barren avenues. A painful reminder of how quick we are to move towards the future and progress. In the process, we discarded the past. We move through the void between planets and stars, with not a thought to our lives before we took to the skies.

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